Lahore Qalandars made captain for disappointment after missing chances

I left cricket, the franchise groomed me and I worked on food and fitness: Captain Lahore Qalandars

The Lahore Qalandars surprised everyone by not disappointing the captain who made the team captain of their team. Announcing the appointment, Toshiba began to wonder who Sohail Akhtar is and how he became captain despite other senior and experienced cricketers in the team.

Lahore Qalandars captain Sohail Akhtar told Private TV that he has been with the Lahore Qalandars for the last 3 years and the team management always encouraged him, he accompanied the team to Australia and also captained the Abu Dhabi Cup when Abu Dhabi. When I succeeded, they realized that the Lahore Qalandars administration was preparing them for captaincy.

Sohail Akhtar added that after 2 years of grooming, when team management asked him if he was ready to take over the captaincy, he immediately filled the pro. He said that senior players are also with him so there will be no pressure on them. Sohail Akhtar describes his journey as a disappointment because he was disappointed with the lack of opportunities in the Abbottabad region and also the descent of the Faribatabad region. There was a chance at Toe where he did well and then joined the Lahore Qalandars where they proved their importance when given the opportunity.

He said that if a player is fully trusted, he will be able to work 20 to 120 percent.

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