Kohli saved by the umpire on Amir’s ball

Virat Kohli is lucky that the umpire saved him from getting out on an lbw appeal which looked close nd naked eye suggested that it was out. This was out as the hawkeye suggested that ball would have hit the top of the stumps.

Now coming to the ball. It was another n swinger. Amir hit the ball in the good length area and made the ball swing back. This swing made Kohli baffled and his bat was no way near to the line of the ball. The ball went past the bat and hit him on the back foot.

The ball did the trick and Amir was sure that he will get the umpire to give it out. The huge appeal did not alter what the umpire had made in the form of a decision in his mind.

Amir was amazed to see that being given not out but there was hardly he could do about it. the slow motion showed that the ball was hitting him in line. This was a poor decision. The hawkeye showed that the ball was kissing the top of the stumps.

So this was out. Umpires call means that what the umpire decided in the final verdict but looking at the line and length and the portion where it hit him clearly suggested that the umpire should have raised his finger.

Pakistan and Amir remained unlucky and at the moment, the Indian top batsman is causing the problems that should not have been presented to Pakistan had this been given out. The umpiring did not look convincing today. Amir should have been given this wicket for sure.

Pakistan and Amir were unlucky as the umpire missed two crucial decisions today. One was right on the very first ball of the second innings. Amir trapped Rohit Sharma plumb lbw as he hit him right on the boot and umpire gave that not out.

It was a straight forward decision but the umpire missed it. this was the first one but it did not cost Pakistan anything as Amir got Sharma on the very next ball. But the one the umpire missed against Kohli is the real deal.

Kohli was plumb in front and somehow the umpire did not take that as an out. This time, again Amir bowled the same all that gave him two wickets in the first over. The ball hit the deck and swung back in. this movement received Kohli completely.

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