Sharjeel Khan hits first 100 of PSL

Sharjeel Khan is playing a blinder in the third playoff game between Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad United. At the moment, the left-handed Sharjeel is on 93 and with 5 overs remaining in the first innings play, chances are that he might get to the first ton of the PSL.

Sharjeel played one of the best knocks of PSL. We all know that he can hit the ball hard and long but today it was special. He was facing the likes of Wahab, Tait, Asghar and Afridi so it was not that much easy o a task.

There it is a big six straight down the ground and Sharjeel has hit the hundred runs mark. This is absolutely some world class stuff from Sharjeel Khan and the commentators are now asking the Pakistan selectors on his position in the T20 squad.

Sharjeel Khan has played some quality knocks but this was special. It was against a tough side and in a pressure game and this shows that the commitment level from Sharjeel is high that tides of pressure and intensity of any game.

His hit to Wahab Riaz down towards the leg side remained the best of the best. It was a monster by all standards. The ball hit the middle of the bat and ended up hitting the second tier of the stands on the leg side.

Sharjeel Khan has listened to all the wise words and he is batting brilliantly in the pressure game against the Peshawar Zalmi in the third playoff of PSL. The Peshawar Zalmi are absolutely stunned by the blows Sharjeel has hit at them.

Sharjeel opened the innings and the way he started hitting the ball clearly suggested that the left-handed is onto something today there was a special class in his hitting that made the Peshawar Zalmi bowling unit colorless.

When the likes of Smith were struggling to put the bat on the ball, Sharjeel Khan was busy in hitting the ball into the second tiers of the Dubai stadium. This was supernatural stuff from Sharjeel Khan. At the moment, he is on 93 not out and Islamabad United are looking in a good position.

If Sharjeel makes his hundred then it will be the first ton of PSL. there has not been a single hundred made so far in PSL and if there is the time for anyone, it is now. Sharjeel has plenty of time to do it. there are 5 overs left after this one.

The best shot Sharjeel played was against the ace fast bowler Wahab Riaz who bowled it fuller and Sharjeel hit belted him high and hard. The ball went a long way on the air and hit the ground on the top of the second tier.

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