Amir first Intl over since 2010

Mohammad Amir has just completed his first international after 5 years and he was mixed emotions on his face. Pakistan and the people of his country must be feeling happy watching him back into what he does best.

Amir has waited for this moment for a long time. He was out of cricket for five years facing a ban from international and domestic cricket. But now all that is a thing of the past. Amir is starting a fresh career and needs all the support from the world of cricket and the fans.

As for his first over, well he was spot on as always. It was intended and Amir did his best in his first 6 balls. He was right up there with an excellent line and length. He was making the ball move in and out which has been his trademark like the great Wasim Akram. Williamson was hardly picking him thought a boundary off the pads was a bad one from Amir.

The ball seamed as well, which is a good sign. New Zealand produces the fastest cricket pitches and hence Amir will clock some real pace here. His pace will become more effective with the swing and seam movement.

Pakistan team will be relying on Amir heavily. His combination with Wahab, Irfan and Gul will decide the fate of Pakistan for this series. Amir knows all this and which is why his first ball have remained impressive. He did the best with the ball. He swung it as well as seamed it. Afridi is in constant talk with his young gun, which is a good sign. Backing by your captain means a lot we all know.

New Zealand would have to make some right decisions. Amir is looking in great shape. With the new ball, he was always a dangerous competitor and even now after 5 years, his abilities are still there. He put in some tricks here and it worked.

The ball is shaping well here in Eden Park. Amir curved me in and out and created all kinds of problems for the kiwis. The seam position was excellent. His rhythm was nice and easy. Mohammad Amir is here to stay surely. Williamson was clearly not picking him up here.

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