Hafeez nails Anderson for 18 runs

Mohammad Hafeez is taking the kiwi bowlers on here at Eden Park and there is some carnage going on here. He has just finished Anderson over by taking 18 runs from it. Pakistan is back in the business. Hafeez is getting them there.

Three fours and a six in this over and Hafeez is still not happy. He wants more. The first shot came through the covers. It was a short ball and Hafeez came on top of it and drove it in the gap to get the first four of the over.

On the next ball same shot same result only, this time, it was aerial and bit too close to Astle at covers yet the speed of the ball defied the effort put in by Astle. The ball raced away to the fence.

Then the big one. His one really has any force behind it. It was neatly timed and that was it. Hafeez just opened up his bat and showed the ball the full face and it just went on and on and over the ropes for a huge six.

The last hit came on the last ball, this time, Hafeez went through point. The fielder was there at the point, but Hafeez timed it perfectly and the ball went past the fielder and into the fence like a bullet.

Hafeez is rocking here at Eden Park. He will not go down easily. He will be hitting his shots in the best way possible. He means business here. Kiwis need to get alerted.

What an extraordinary batting by Mohammad Hafeez. Since his ban on his bowling action Hafeez has surely put in a lot of hard work in his batting and the results are in front of us all.

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