Ahmad falls to Milne, reckless shot

This is the problem with Ahmad. He comes out plays a few quality shots and then gets out in a bizarre manner. There is no way he could have hit Milne for a lot of runs because of his staggering pace. But Ahmad wanted to take the risk and now is walking back to the dugout.

Pakistan has lost its first wicket. Ahmad did a very decent job in the previous 2 balls. The first was outside the off stump and he clubbed it through mid-on to get a four on it. the second one was off the same line and length and this time, he even timed it perfectly to clear the ropes.

But then on the third ball, he hit the ball straight to Elliot. A reckless shot in deed. Ten runs had already come from this over so there was no need to take an extra bit of chances but he is Ahmad Shahzad. He likes to live it on the edge.

Pakistan will now get into the pressure zone as this has remained a part of their history. Ahmad doesn’t just know wat shot to play on what ball. This time, Milne just altered his length a little bit and look at the way Ahmad went after it.

There was no way he could have survived after playing this lousy shot. Ahmad goes and with him a wicket has fallen for Pakistan. Milne did a great job here. He bowled Ahmad out with a beauty. He was constant and persistence and now gets his man.

Ahmad Shahzad has finally paid the price. He was trying too many shots and with a pace over 140 kmph there was always a chance that he will loosen his grip. Pakistan loses their first man as Ahmad walks back to the pavilion.

Ahmad Shahzad already had scored 10 runs from the earlier two balls so there was no need to play a shot like this. Pakistan wanted him to stay on the pitch and score as many runs as possible. It was a length ball and like the previous two Ahmad again tried to heave it long but could not clear the fielder at long on.

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