Ghulam Mudassar stunning bowling in Quaid E Azam trophy 2016

Ghulam Mudassar is a name which people did not knew till he made it into the Lahore Qalandars. This left arm pacer is part of the Pakistan domestic cricket and Lahore Qalandars is his biggest jump. After his signing with the Qalandars he got selected even for the Quaid E Azam trophy this year.

Mudassar is a fantastic young talent and definitely he has all the qualities to become a genuine aggressive fast bowler. Mudassar played the Quaid E Azam trophy this year this is one of his spell that gained a lot of appreciation and support from the fans and former cricketers.The tournament was played with the pink ball and this ball already swings a lot. Mudassar took the advantage of this wing and bowled a stunning opening spell for his side. In his spell there was a series of dot balls. In fact all of them were bat beating ones.

Mudassar beat the openers outside the off stump. Against the left handers he swung the ball away from them all. Now the swing he generated in the game was a lot and Pakistani batters are mostly not good against this much swing. Mudassar knew this fact really well. He picked a wicket with the new ball. The left hand batsman was not behind the swing properly. The ball was pitched up to him by Mudassar to get the maximum swing. He succeeded in getting that and the batsman was caught in the second slip.

There was zero foot movement from the batter and there was every chance of an edge here. Playing against swinging ball the basic rule is the feet should move as per the line, length and swing on the ball. Here it was absolutely zero and he batsman paid the price for it as well.

The ball went to a comfortable height to the fielder and he made it look so easy. Mudassar could not pick any wicket more. But it was a great bowling spell that has once again unfolded the skill and talent of this young pace bowler. Apart from beating the batsman and causing them all kinds of trouble one of them had a verbal fight with Mudassar as well. So the aggression from Mudassar was also there in this spell. This kid is surely going to develop himself into a good genuine fast bowler and if he continues to work hard then there is nothing that could stop him from playing for Pakistan in the international cricket. A good start is here for Mudassar.

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