Misbah presentation talk, 1st test Australia 2016

Pakistani skipper Misbah Ul Haq looked confident despite his side losing the opening test. The reason for his confidence was the fight his men put in the second innings and they almost got the game. But at the end it was Australia claiming the game. Misbah said that it was pretty tight. He had his confidence on his men. This team has the capability to produce something extra ordinary anytime anywhere, Misbah said. He was happy with the results as his side fought really well and everyone was praising them.

Misbah came to the presentation with a very content face. Normally skippers don’t have this look on their faces when they come out after being the defeated ones. Misbah exactly knew what his team has achieved. This is the third best fourth innings total in the history of the game.

Misbah said that it was a close game. It was a genuine nail biter for both the teams and their fans. Most of the people don’t know that Gabba hit a record audience for this match. Now this shows that people did take a lot of interest in this game despite Pakistan being the less favorite ones. Misbah said that it was a great game of cricket and every one enjoyed it a lot. Despite the results not favoring his side but still the fight fans have seen from his side is something that should be cherished a lot. Misbah was absolutely right about this one.

He said that his side has always made it through. Win or defeat it does not matter at all after you play this much exciting game. There are many thing that one can take from this single test match. Pakistan chasing 490 runs lost by just 39 runs on day five. Misbah said that his side is special and it has got special players. He has always been confident about them. They have this power to hit back at any opposition at any stage of the game and this is the prime example of the skills his players have got in them.

For the second test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Misbah said that his side is ready to take on Australia with the conventional red ball. This day and night test has been labeled as the best one played in international cricket so far. Pakistan could have won this won despite losing 8 wickets but at the end they just could not finish on the other side of the line. Pakistan efforts are being praised throughout the whole cricketing fraternity.

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