Shahid Afridi recent funny incident in domestic cricket

Shahid Afridi has this habit of making others laugh. He has a witty nature and he always likes to joke around. Afridi today one again shared a hilarious incident which happened to him recently in a domestic game.Afridi is playing the Quaid E Azam trophy this year. He is representing his departmental side HBL. He already announced his availability for this season. As a result, he was taken in and he has played a few games so far.

Afridi must have had this incident in one of these games. He told that this happened to him recently. His side had to bat first. The pitch was full of grass. The regular openers were feeling a lot shaky after looking at the grass on the wicket.

They did not want to open the innings. Afridi then padded up and asked to open the innings from his coach. He was allowed to do so. He went in and straight away Afridi saw hardly anyone near his bat. It was the first day of the match. The very first session on a green top and he saw most of the fielders standing deep on the leg and off side.

Afridi said that he was laughing at himself. He knew why all these fielders were posted near the boundary line but then he too did not stop himself. Afridi hit a fifty in that game. He hit some big shots again. This is the way he plays.As per Afridi, there was no need to restrict himself there. He was just taking a chance and that was it. It paid off well for him that day. Wasim was astonished that he hit a fifty on a green top. You can expect anything from this man, Shahid Afridi. He knows his game better than any other.

Shahid Afridi once again hits the TV screen post Javed Miandad controversy. As per the inside sources, the rift between Javed and Afridi is over. A close friend of both Afridi and Javed asked the two to resolve the issue. This guy whose name is not known so far played an important role is cleaning up this mess.

Shahid Afridi today is again sitting on the National TV channel. He is giving his expert opinion on the Pakistan West Indies test series. We all know about the witty nature of Shahid Afridi. One again he shared a funny incident and make all burst into laughter.

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