Tamim fight with Stokes and Bairstow, 2nd ODI 2016

If there was not one fight enough as England skipper Buttler and a few Bangladeshi players showed their rough side to each other. There was a second phase of the fight getting ready as well. This did not involve Buttler but his teammates Bairstow and Stokes.The first incident happened when Buttler was not given lbw on a pretty straight forward case. The ball hit the pads right in front of the stumps but the umpire looked not interested. Bangladesh team took a review.

The third umpire gave it out. The ball was hitting the stumps and all other parameters were send the batter off the field. The out sign flashed on the big screen. The umpire changed his original decision as well. Buttler then was seen having some serious words with Bangladeshi players.

At the point, the umpires intervened and asked the players to just relax. Mashrafe also asked his players to take an easy. Soon when the match ended and Bangladesh won it. At the official handshakes, Tamim entangled himself with Bairstow and Stokes.

Bairstow had a handshake with Tamim and there something flared both the players. The two were having some argument and in came Stokes. He pushed back Tamim and before things could have become worst, Shakib separated the players.

He asked the players to just take an ease and don’t fall into much deeper emotions. Shakib did the right thing here. There was no need for a fight. The Bangladesh team played some quality cricket and they deserved a lot of applause. England will learn a lot from their mistakes here. They did not play good cricket. They were down and out most of the time in the game. Bangladesh played according to a plan and they eventually won at the end of the day.

This was one of the most intense game ever witnessed between Bangladesh and England. It was not any knockout game of a big event. But the heat in between the two teams was a lot. There were a few scuffles witnessed between the England and Bangladesh players.

Bangladesh won the match at the end. With this win, the series is now leveled between the two sides. The first major incident happened when England captain Josh Buttler got out and he had an intense verbal fight with a few Bengali players.Later the second spat was witnessed during the official handshakes between the two teams. Bairstow and Tamim were the first one to have started it. The moment the two shook hands with each other they scuffle started.

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