Young Filipino Girl Wakes Up at Her Own Funeral

Death is ultimate truth of this life and we all believe that we have to die one day or another. No matter how long we live or how much we earn but our death time will come. Some people leave us in young age and some enjoy many years of life.

According to Islam, death time and day is fixed and no one can live one more second after this fixed time, and no one can die before this fix time. Today the video we are going to present for you is about a young Filipino girl who wakes up at her own funeral.

In these days we’re hearing many similar incidents happens all around the globe. The basic reason of these incidents is negligence of doctors. Rather, doing complete medical checkup doctors confirm the death of the patient and family members believe on doctor’s statement.

However, those who show their life’s symptoms in funeral or before bury are indeed lucky as in several incidents after one or two days it confirms that the patient was alive and death happened due to suffocation in the grave.

It’s the duty of doctors and family members to confirm death after complete medical checkup and on the basis of test reports.

Life is a precious gift and never comes again and again. It’s our responsibility to spend it with care as its God’s deposit and He will ask us about it. We are equally responsible to take care of other’s lives as we do ours.

There are several incidents happens in which doctors terms dead to an alive person and even family never bothers to reexamine their patient. We all know in several diseases patient’s heart beat slowdowns at very low level and it seems that pulse has also stopped.

Some doctors in hurry just checks patient’s pulse and heartbeat, however, to confirm patient’s death it’s not enough. Electric shocks, oxygen mask and Angiography are very common treatments and these facilities are available almost in every hospital.

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