Malik 3 Huge Sixes

The second match between Pakistan and West Indies is currently being played at Sharjah. The home side Pakistan is batting and they are 50 for the loss of two wickets. Both openers Azhar Ali and Sharjeel Khan are out and back in the hutch.

Earlier it was Azhar who won the toss and elected to bat first. This is a really good batting surface but chances are that it will spin later in the second half. Azhar wanted to repeat the results of the first game which Pakistan won by a solid margin.At this moment both Azhar Ali and Sharjeel Khan are out. Both played some not so good shots. Azhar went out first. He was trapped lbw against Jason Holder. This was a good length ball. It hits the deck and came back into Azhar Ali.

The Pakistani captain was trying to play a shot across the line. It was always a risky move. The ball did a little too much as per Azhar Ali’s expectations. His swinging bat missed the ball and the moment the ball hit the pads, Azhar was in trouble.

The umpire gave him out straight away. Azhar wasted a review on it as well. He was dead in front of the stumps. Sharjeel Khan also got out a few moments later. The left-hander was batting really well but then again he played one bad shot and got out on it.Shoaib Malik is definitely onto something. He has hit three back to back sixes against Benn. He had three earlier and now thee more to be added here. He used his feet thrice here and hit the ball out of the park. This is classic Shoaib Malik for you.

Malik 3 consecutive sixes by aamadmi


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