A worm appears in Nepal after earth quake

Nepal was hit by a massive earth quake last year. After the earth quake many parts of the country lost connection with the rest of the country. And it stopped the help and rescue missions to reach those remote areas. Due to the damage to the communication system the telephone and mobile services were also disturbed by the earth quake.

A remote town which was hit hard by the earth quake and it was located near the mountains which lead to the world tallest mountain the Mount Everest. The remote town was badly affected by the earth quake and people needed urgent help and medical attention.

But the outside world didn’t knew the miserable condition there. Few men of the town decided to go on their feet and look for help. To their shock when they were on their way they saw something unbelievable. A mammoth size worm in the fields.

They first got shocked and didn’t believed on their eyes but later when they gathered their courage and went near that worm they came to believe that it was real. Fortunately it wasn’t alive otherwise it could have been dangerous. The earthworm of this size was a miracle for the people.

But it was also a worrying sign for the people. They forgot about the connection with the outside world instead they started preparing for the worst. Because they were expecting that there will be many like this. And this was logical also that if you find one mammoth worm there should be a family of it.

Being the world’s highest peak it attracts a lot of attention of the climbers and the tourists. Last year an earth quake hit Nepal and almost the whole country was damaged. People from around the world sent their rescue teams to the Nepal to help is the rescue and emergency help.

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