West Indies winning moments, 2nd semifinal world t20

West Indies and India both would have enjoyed themselves while batting in the second semifinal of the World t20. But at the same time, they might not have liked a lot of things in the bowling as this deck is producing another high scoring game.

The West Indians were always in for a chase because of one major reason and that is that most of their players have the muscles to hit the ball hard and long. The tendency to hit sixes at any stage of the game is what makes the West Indies a very difficult unit to beat in the t20 internationals.

Today this all happened again. On a batting deck team India batted first and thanks to a magnificent 89 by Kohli, India raised to 191 in their 20 overs. West Indians have some close yet very easy chances to get back in the game in the first innings but they failed to grab even one of them.

West Indies when came out to bat they saw the early departures of Gayle and Samuels and at that stage, the match was with India. But Simmons and Charles hit a magnificent partnership and brought back West Indies in the game.

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Charles hit 52 while Simmons remained not out on 82. Rest of the work was done by the powerhouse Russell whose 40 plus in 20 oddballs pulls out a magnificent run chase for the West Indians. They deserve every applause that is now coming their way. They fought till the end and never give up. West indies will not meet England in the finals.

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