Winning moment of West Indies, 2nd semi-final World t20

No one thought that West Indies would win the second semi-final of the World t20 but they have won it. India posts a high total and West Indies were two down in no time so the odds were not in their favor but then Simmons and Charles did the unexpected.

West Indies have their strength in their batting and hence they bowled first tonight atMumbai. The reason was they wanted to chase down a total on a flat batting surface at Mumbai. The idea now proves out to be the right one.

India batted first and Kohli remained the star of the show once again. He scored 89 and because of his innings, India went on to get 191 runs in their first innings. it was a hard call for the West Indians but not an impossible one.

They had the firepower in their batting that could chase this total down. Gayle got out early and so does Samuels. These two could have mattered a lot for West Indies but not tonight. Then it was the big partnership between Simmons and Charles that stalled things for the West Indians.

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Charles got out after scoring 52 but Simmons kept on going. Russel joined the party and we all know what he is capable of with the wood in his hand. Russel 4- plus on just 20 oddballs changed the whole context of the game.He slammed the ball hard and long and his innings gave the boost which was required by the West Indians. This is a big moment for the West Indians. They have reached the finals of the World t20 second time. they won the first one.

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